MAPS is the first school to introduce

  • Zero Rattafication(Cramming)  concept

  • Teachers ranking system

  • Zero failure concepts

  • Digital school  Concept

Ratta-Free learning

“Remembering is Gadget’s task; let us allow our students to talk Ideas” Major problem associates to the current education system is Rattafication (Cramming), traditional academic system force students to remember/learn/Cram/Rattafication and write in the exams but our PPAP …

Ranking system

MAPS teachers are linked with PERFORMANCE MONITORING SYSTEM, here system gives marks on teaching performance at micro level. All the teachers’ marks are compared and ranks are allocated based upon their performance This brings the healthy competition among the teachers.

Fail-free concept

We believe “Everyone can learn if you serve everyone differently” , at MAPS student don’t have any barrier of examinations, Understanding is more important and with the help of PPAP learning method we make sure that each and every student of MAPS understands the concept of the lesson.

Digital School

Had it happened anytime that your child missed the school and that day’s notes were missed and you were harassed to search his/her friend to get the notes. Stay relaxed now you can get information of Question and answer of each chapter, teacher’s teaching material, attendance, exam marks …


  • “Excellent activities & education system for students growth.”

    – Piyush C patel

  • “Going in appropriate direction of child development and study…”

    – Pratik Patel

  • “Older time had gone. Now the kids are in digital age. So, the school also have to adopt this. Maharaja Agrasen Public School followed the same. They try to make every possible effort to make the child better.”

    – Aaksh Panchal

  • “It`s an excellent school, Education with smart education system. Overall growth of child can be done by this method. I liked it very much..!!”

    – Aaksh Panchal